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some of my work.

City of Films

City of Films Movie News & Reviews

  • City of Films home page
  • City of Films content page
  • City of Films admin panel

The City of Films is a film news and review website focusing on commentary, web comics, and more. I am responsible for the design and development of the website. With a number of authors and editors it was very important that their website utilize a content management system to allow all contributors to freely add and edit new content. For that reason WordPress was used for all of the development and was written in PHP.

I am currently in the process of redesigning and refocusing the direction of the website for their 10th anniversary. Utilizing responsive design and ensuring an easy user experience, the goal will be to take the site to the next level to accommodate the growing user base. I will be preparing sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes before I move to the design phase. As the process moves along in the project life-cycle I will post more information about this project.

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Chainsaw King

Bob King Chainsaw Carving Artist & Sculptor

  • Chainsaw King home page
  • Chainsaw King gallery page
  • Chainsaw King contact page

I am currently in the process of redesigning ChainsawKing.com. The site was previously designed several years ago with the goal of it being an online journal of Bob King's world travels in the unique field of chainsaw carving artistry.

In speaking with the client, it was determined they did not have the time (and often the Internet access) to post about their world travels. The goal with the new site was to make it simpler, less wordy. It was built to showcase some of the art pieces and to let the sculptures to the talking rather than having the site be too wordy. While not yet deployed, the development site is online to view.

The website is hand-coded and is built to be responsive. This is especially important for a large target market who will be viewing Bob's website while at tournaments and competitions.

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Brada Appliances

Brada Appliances Website Development

  • Brada Appliances home page
  • Brada Appliances product page
  • Brada Appliances product page

Brada Appliances is a national appliance chain available at The Brick across Canada. A few years ago I was contacted regarding developing a basic web presences for their brand. While their primary focus is to have customers visit The Brick company website for any inquiries, they found a number of people were searching for them on Google but not being able to find anything about the brand.

Working within their limited budget I was able to create a consumer friendly website. This mood is conveyed through the use of soft colors, rounded corners, and a simple layout. The ability to easily navigate the website for user's of all technical proficiencies was an important concept to the client. The site-map was kept very basic and focused to drive potential sales and customer inquiries to The Brick's company website.

This website was built using WordPress to give the client control over making content changes as they see fit.

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Photo Stork

Photo Stork Website Design

  • Photo Stork home page
  • Photo Stork photo page
  • Photo Stork view album page

Photo Stork is a web application created at Pacific Software Publishing for uploading, managing, and sharing photo galleries. It allows users to share them with the general public, but what differentiates it from other photo sharing tools it it's ability to privately share photos with friends and family.

My role on this project was to work with the Programming team to do all necessary UI/UX production. Starting with the initial concept, I was to come up with wireframes and prototypes. Using Balsamiq I began with developing a sitemap and wireframe prototypes. Upon approval we moved on to initial mockups using Adobe Photoshop. The project was developed using the cakePHP framework to streamline the development process. My role was to integrate all of the HTML and CSS into the template system.

Through user interaction testing we were able to quickly identify elements of the service that were not entirely intuitive for users. At that point it was my responsibility to quickly adapt the process of the service to assist users in properly uploading and sharing their photos. Currently we are working to schedule, design, and develop updates to the website to make the service to improve the user experience and to enhance it's usability across tablets and mobile devices.

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the process.

When designing and developing a website, I have a process I follow to provide clients and employers with a great product. While each project has their own specific need and requirements, following this process helps build not only a successful website but a great working relationship with customers and employers.

  • Meet with the client and discuss what their website needs are. Determine their goals and recommend the best ways to reach them. Give them an overview of my services and experience so they are confident that I will deliver results.
  • Research and plan the ideal approach based on the project needs and results of the prior client meeting. This includes researching the business itself and their competitors.
  • Create wireframes (and a project flow for more complex applicatons) in Balsamiq Mockups or Adobe Illustrator. Once finalized, create mockups in Adobe Photoshop, which are then presented to the client.
  • Upon approval of the design, coding work then begins. This generally includes HTML5, CSS3, and/or JavaScript, and involves extensive cross-browser/platform testing throughout the process.
  • A demo of the website is presented. Should the client have any adjustments - they are discussed, documented, and made. The updated website is presented again until they are satisfied.
  • Final preparations are complete and the website is released. This includes the setup of any analytic software and a final review to ensure the website is properly coded to be search engine friendly.
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a little about me.

For 10 years I have been continuing to hone my skills in design and development. With the increased popularity of mobile devices and tablets, the concept of user design and user experience has never been more important than now.

Beyond development, I have spent the last several years working at PSPINC as the Design & Development Manager. This has given me a unique opportunity to mentor junior Designers and help establish protocols and procedures to better improve the product we offer customers. I am always eager to assist in lending my advice and experience to teams I work with.

Ryan Heinrichs LinkedIn Cartoon
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my resume.


To continue to build upon my 10+ years of web design and development experience to benefit coworkers and clients. To work in an environment that challenges me to continue to improve and provides me with the opportunity to utilize my technical and leadership skills I have developed over the last several years. To collaborate with great minds and continue to grow in a fun, exciting, and rapidly growing workplace.

Software & Development Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML5
  • Subversion
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • WordPress Development
  • SASS
  • UI/UX
  • Balsamiq Mockups


Pacific Software Publishing; Bellevue, WA: June 2010 - Present

Manager - Web Design & Development
  • Responsible for managing the Design and Testing teams as well as our remote office in San DIego.
  • Handles project concept planning, wireframing, coordination with Design & Development teams, and final implementation.
  • Prototyping and developing new R&D business tools aimed at small & medium sized businesses.
  • Provide valuable guidance, suggestions, and input necessary to assist the Design team in the production of high quality websites and web applications.
  • Took care of all hiring, from initial interviews to employee orientation.
  • Set all standards and guidelines for the development of new projects.
  • Working within a Japanese based company provided me with valuable insight into working with different cultures, and strengthened my communication skills, both with clients and co-workers.
  • Beyond design & development, called upon to assist in a wide range of unrelated duties (client relations, team building exercises, cross-departmental communication) because of a proven track record of getting results and doing so with a positive attitude.
  • Had final review on all custom development projects before they were publically deployed. Projects range from Ezell's Famous Chicken to Republic Parking Northwest.

Pacific Software Publishing; Bellevue, WA: May 2009 - June 2010

Web Designer
  • Worked in a deadline driven, team-based work environment to deliver robust web applications and websites; from initial client meetings to project delivery.
  • Played an important role in implementing stricter standards and practices within the company's Design department to ensure cross browser compatibility and bug free websites.
  • All websites are hand-coded, custom designed, and updated using version control to manage and maintain source code.
  • Designed and developed websites and web applications for customers as well as internal tools built to be offered to small and medium sized businesses using our hosting environment.
  • Projects developed in a LAMP environment working in conjunction with Programmers on PHP applications using the cakePHP web framework.

Strathcom Media; Edmonton, AB: June 2005 - April 2009

Lead Web Designer
  • Responsible for the design and development of websites for car dealerships, automotive portals, as well as other non-automotive companies.
  • Gained valuable leadership skills in assisting others within my department in problem solving and meeting project deadlines as the lead Designer on my team.
  • Worked with high profile clients such as Honda Canada, Globe & Mail, and CTV to create their websites.


Digital & Interactive Media Design - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology;

Graduated with Honors in August 2005
  • Studied all major fields of web design and development, graduating with honors. Worked with many forms of digital media including web design, digital photography, 3D modeling, Flash production, video editing, and studied design principles.
  • Majored and specialized in web and graphic design.

High School Graduate (Grade 12) - Strathcona Composite High School; Graduated in August 2003

contact me.

I'm located in the Greater Seattle Area, and would love to speak with you regarding how I can help your business grow.

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